Honduras Mission: Day 1


We woke to the sounds of my iPhone alarm, the nightstand alarm and a wakeup call – all at the same time. All the beeps and chimes – it was like waking up in an arcade.

We got ready to checkout and head to the airport. I dropped everyone with the bags at the terminal then drove on to remote parking south. Once there I hustled from the car to the bus stop. It was a lovely early-morning walk albeit in the dark! The air was cool and filled with that wonderful smell of rain. Yes, I was a little concerned about the weather today, but right now I was set on living in the moment.

We got through security okay and regrouped at Dickey’s for breakfast. While there a storm blew through. Lighting hit the jet way at a gate outside Dickey’s. Nice! Despite the weather, we were eventually allowed to board. A fierce wind rocked our plane to and fro. For a minute I thought I was on a boat! After a brief delay, we were Houston-bound. We arrived without incident, boarded our next flight and took off. This is it!

Our flight was thankfully uneventful. I was able to power through a book on slowing down on the flight to Honduras. Not sure I fully grasped the meaning…perhaps I’ll power through it on the flight back home. 🙂

The airline showed an in-flight film – The Vow. I’d never watched it but I remember thinking that it looked interesting. I started to get into to the movie. It’s a nice story about a newly wed husband who fights for the love of his live. Then, they turned it off with about 15-minutes before the end to go through the landing procedures. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

We had no problems at the airport or with the rental or at the gas the station. Once we filled up, we headed out for the orphanage. We arrived after lunch. Almost immediately, the quiet calm of the front steps of the orphanage exploded with children! They’d been waiting for us. Before I could get out of the van we were mobbed by the children. They were so thrilled to see us! It’s great to be back! We had a blast with them! This would have been a great time to take pictures except that I didn’t have a chance to grab it.

The staff served us a lovely lunch – homemade soup. It was incredible! It was filled with large pieces of potatoes, plantains, carrots, squash and other veggies as well as some chicken. They served it with rice and homemade corn tortillas. Quite a welcome! The staff even made me a lovely fresh cup of Honduran coffee. In that moment, all the stress of my journey melted away. Despite the challenges and the risks, I knew that this is where I was supposed to be today.

We stayed a bit longer and then headed for the hotel. It was only 3pm local time (4pm US cst), but we were exhausted! We ran to the grocery store for some basics then to the hotel to relax a bit. We had dinner as a team before turning in for the night. We’ll need all our energy tomorrow!

Tomorrow we hope to get out to the neighborhood tutoring centers to take some more pictures of the repairs that need to be done. We are hopeful that we’ll get a grant from the diocese to replace both roofs. Hopefully, we’ll be able to arrange a movie night for the kids before the end of this trip. Later in the week, we plan to spend some time with the villagers of Mount Olives. We’d like to help out with building houses there, but we’ll take it one step at a time.

After we get the roofs of the tutoring centers replaced, assuming we get our grant, I’d like to try to raise money to build a chapel in Mount Olives as well as space for fulltime missionaries to live and work there, with the local bishop’s approval of course. It’s a lofty goal, but I think it is achievable with the help, prayers and support of people.

Stay tuned for updates from the orphanage tomorrow!

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One Response to Honduras Mission: Day 1

  1. Tia Tere says:

    I am so very proud of my two nephews. May our Dear Lord Jesus bless n watch over you all. With much love…..

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