Honduras Mission: Day 5

Mission Trip: Day 5

Our day began with mass at the cathedral. The priest is a visitor from Colorado for one month filling in for Padre Ramon (Raymond, SJ) who is visiting family in the United States. The mass was packed! A group of college students from the University of Scranton sat behind us. They’re visiting the School Sisters of Notre Dame and doing community service/mission work. I think the good sisters will have plenty for them to do.

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Our children from COPPROME arrived a little too late to all sit together, so they spread out. Some of them found us and sat with us which was sweet! My favorite homeless guy found me during communion and gave me a big bear hug – right there at the front of the communion line! I’ve included a picture of he and I in front of the Our Lady.

That evening, the children gave us a “despedida” or farewell. They sang to us and then gave us cards that they made for us. It was so hard to leave the children! Several of our group were quite emotional as we said our goodbyes. Every child who hugged me said “please don’t go,” which was followed by, “when are you coming back?”

Our van was completely quite as we made the long drive to the San Pedro airport to begin our journey home, but that is another story!


For more information about you can help, visit the Friends of Los Niños website at http://www.friendsoflosninos.org/.

If you would like to learn more about our mission trips, please fill out the contact form below.

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One Response to Honduras Mission: Day 5

  1. Kim Nelson says:

    I thank you for posting these pictures..I loved seeing the girls holding their dresses up..I made quite a few of them..so wonderful to see something I made delivered to these beautiful little girls.. You are doing a wonderful thing helping others out.. God Bless You!!!

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